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Solar panels life

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Many different types of solar panels. Different life solar panels are not the same. This is mainly determined by the material of the solar panel itself.

Solar panels can be divided into glass laminate package material according to the solar panel, PET laminated packaging and dispensing package. If manufacturers use good material solar panels, so the life of the solar panels will be very long. In these three materials, the life of tempered glass encapsulated pressure longest solar panels, can reach 25 years. Followed by the PET packaging laminate solar panels, its life within 5 - 8 years. The shortest life is dispensing package solar panels, its service life is only 2--3 years.
In addition to solar panels production of raw materials will affect the life of the solar panels, environmental changes also affect its life. Over time, the general good in the use of solar panels to 20 years, power will decay 30% to about 25 years, the power will be attenuated by 70%. Basically to this time, solar street lighting has no obvious effects.