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Applications of solar cells

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In terms of satellite solar cells provide energy has been applied.

Humans depend on these energy to survive, including all other forms of renewable energy (excluding geothermal resources), although the total amount of solar energy resources, the human equivalent of the energy used by ten thousand times, but the low energy density of solar energy, and it It varies, the time change, which is the main problem facing the development and utilization of solar energy. These features make it the role of solar energy in the whole integrated energy system subject to certain restrictions.
Both a solar energy, and renewable energy. It is rich in resources, both free, and without transport, no environmental pollution. For mankind to create a new lifestyle, social and human into an era of energy conservation to reduce pollution.
The idea of space solar power station construction as early as 1968 it was suggested, but until recently humans began to really put it into action. Japan can be described as one of the pioneers of this project, the project is expected to cost 21 billion dollars, generating capacity can reach one billion watts, can supply 294,000 homes. Build solar power stations in space, no matter how the climate, can make use of solar power, which is to establish solar power plants on Earth vary.