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The type of analysis and research of solar panels price

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Solar panel prices are solar cells through the processed products, solar panels according to the basic material is divided into: crystalline silicon solar panels, amorphous silicon solar panels, microcrystalline silicon solar cells, selenium cell, compound solar cells, organic semiconductor solar cells. Used in the building is mainly crystalline silicon solar panels and amorphous silicon solar panels, crystalline silicon cell is divided into monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cells, amorphous silicon cells divided into single knot, double knot and multi-junction cells ʱ??
Performance of crystalline silicon cell energy conversion rate up to 12% to 17%, but the variety and color of single, poor processability, can not generate electricity, low latitudes inappropriate choice under low light; amorphous silicon cell conversion rate is poor, only 7 % to 10%, but the workability is good, adapt to low light and scattered light is high, suitable selection at low latitudes and more humid weather area. (Solar cell module)