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Solar power system structure and function

release time:2015/7/28 8:35:25      Views:

Solar power systems constitute Luoyang, Luoyang solar power system consists of solar batteries, solar controller, battery (group) composition. If the output power to 220V AC or 110V, also need to equip inverter. Some of the role of each
  1, solar panels: solar panel solar power system bases some of the solar system, some of the highest value. The sun's radiation is converted to electrical energy stored in batteries or sent.
  2. Solar Controller: Solar controller's role is to control the working conditions of all of the system, and played a battery charge maintenance, maintaining over-discharge. In larger local temperature difference, the controller should have qualified temperature compensation function. Other additional functions such as light control switch, when the switch should be the controller options;
  3, battery: usually lead-acid batteries, but in a small miniature solar system can also be used nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries or lithium batteries. This is to ensure that when there is light energy will be able to speak solar panels stored up, so when the need to re-release.
  4. Inverter: direct output Luoyang solar power systems typically do not meet the daily needs of electricity. It is able to 220VAC electrical power supply, solar power system demand proclaimed DC power into AC power, which demands the use of DC-AC inverter.